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Disclaimer & Privacy Policy

Luxury Scotland - Disclaimer & Privacy Policy

Luxury Scotland Limited / Luxury Scotland

Web Site Disclaimer

1. In using this site or any of the information on it you acknowledge that, while Luxury Scotland Limited and the hosts of this web site (together "Connoisseurs") have used reasonable endeavours to ensure that all information contained on this web site is correct, accurate and up to date, Connoisseurs make no warranties, representations or undertakings about:-

(a) any of the content of this web site (including without limitation the quality, accuracy, completeness or fitness for any particular purpose of such content); or

(b) any content of any other web site referred to or accessed by hypertext link through this web site ("third party site").

2. Connoisseurs does not endorse or approve the content of any third party site.

3. Connoisseurs shall not be liable in relation to the content of any third party site including, without limitation, liability arising out of any allegation that the content of any third party site infringes the rights of any third party.

4. Where information on this web site relates to a third party you should always check that information directly with the relevant third party before relying on it.

Luxury Scotland - Privacy Policy / Data Protection

Luxury Scotland/Luxury Scotland collects personal information from visitors to this web site through the use of enquiry forms, reservation forms and newsletter subscriber forms. Every time we receive e-mails relating to the site your details are logged.

Your privacy is important to us. By entering your details on our pages you acknowledge and agree that your details will be stored and processed for the purposes of providing you with the information requested, with details of our members or partners services, with a targeted web newsletter by e-mail. Your details may be transferred to the members of Luxury Scotland Limited for the purposes of fulfilling your information request.

We also collect information automatically about your visit to our web site. By using the internet and browsing www.luxuryscotland.co.uk you may also give Luxury Scotland/Luxury Scotland personal information relating to your internet connection.

All internet sites use this information to evaluate the traffic and browsing patterns of their visitors. Luxury Scotland/Luxury Scotland, associated companies or other carefully selected companies who have products or services that may interest you, may use this information to contact you, by e-mail or other methods. This information may be used, for example, to inform you of special promotions, price offers etc.

At Luxury Scotland/Luxury Scotland we respect your right of privacy. If you tell us that you do not wish to have this information used we will respect your wishes. In addition, should you have any queries regarding the capture, storage and use of personal information by Luxury Scotland/Luxury Scotland please e-mail to: jeremy@luxscot.co.uk

Copyright notice

The contents of this web site are protected by copyright and all our and our third party licensors rights in same are expressly reserved.

You may view the site and download any part(s) of it to a personal computer for personal viewing for private purposes but you are not permitted without the prior written permission of Luxury Scotland Limited in each case:-

(a) to use or store it (or any part of it) for any other purpose;

(b) to print out copies except for your own personal viewing for private purposes; or

(c) to reproduce, copy or transmit it (or any part of it) in any other way for any purpose or in any other medium.

You are not entitled to alter the content in any way.

Luxury Scotland LUXURY SCOTLAND is a registered trade mark of Connoisseurs Scotland Limited and the Roundel is a trade mark of Connoisseurs Scotland Limited.
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