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Things to do in Scotland
Rainbow in the Highlands of Scotladn RRS Discovery berthed in Dundee Train similar to Hogwarts Express crossed Glenfinnan Viaduct Fishing Village in Fyfe Romantic view over Scottish Loch Dramatic View of Scotland's Forth Bridge at Night Glasgow's Transport Museum on the River Clyde Edinburg - Scotland's Capital City

Places To Visit In Scotland

Scottish Gardens
The Great Outdoors
Explore by bike

Scotland may not always guarantee the best of weather - but there will always be plenty of things to do and places to visit.

In fact, it is often the stunning backdrop of a misty loch, the dark brooding landscape or the snow covered moorland that really delivers those unforgettable images of Scotland in all its glory.

Some of the most memorable places are often those which you stumble upon off the beaten track or which you might only find if told about through friends, acquaintances or through connections such as Luxury Scotland.  

Within our regular newsletters and articles we aim to bring you details of these hidden gems and how to find them.

Scotland's Garden Scheme is part of a national organisation started in 1927 when Miss Elsie Wagg of the Queen's Nursing Institute had the bright idea of raising funds for that charity by persuading people to open their private gardens to the public for 'a shilling a head.'

From those modest beginnings and with only a few mostly large-scale gardens opening for the benefit of a single charity - it has grown to become nothing less than a national institution.

With over three and a half thousand gardens, of every possible size and style this is a real treasure chest for any garden enthusiast and the scheme raising over a million pounds a year for nearly a dozen charities.

The Garden Finders section of the National Gardens of Scotland web site will helps you to plan your visits. www.ngs.org.uk

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