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About Scotland

Scotland's Historical Dates

Scotland is a nation where history comes alive.

Picturesque country villages, dark and brooding castles, opulent palaces, ancient stone circles and classical architecture all provide bookmarks to distinct chapters in Scotland's history.

Earliest records of Scotland date back to more than 6000 years

84 AD Romans attempt to invade Scotland
122 AD Building of Hadrian's Wall
563 AD St Columbus arrives on Iona
794 AD Norsemen pillage Iona
843 AD Scots and Picts United
1034 First unified kingdom
1266 Scotland gains the Hebrides
1314 Battle of Bannockburn
1328 Edward III recognised Bruce as Scotland's king
1412 First Scottish University, at St. Andrews
1472 Scotland gains Orkney and Shetland
1494 First mention of whisky in documents
1505 Beginnings of organised medical study
1507 First printing press in Scotland
1513 Battle of Flodden
1587 Mary Queen of Scots beheaded
1603 Union of the Crowns
1603 First postal system in Scotland
1638 The National Covenant
1689 Battle of Killicrankie
1692 Massacre of Glencoe
1707 The Union of the Parliaments
1715 First Jacobite Rebellion
1722 Last witch-burning
1745 Landing of Prince Charles Edward
1746 Battle of Culloden
1749 First stage-coach services, Glasgow to Edinburgh
1767 New Town of Edinburgh begun
1760 First ironworks established in Scotland
1770 Robert Burns, Poet, born in Ayrshire
1785 The Highland Clearances had begun
1812 World's first working steamboat, on the River Clyde
1817 Founding of the Scotsman newspaper
1828 Hot-blast iron smelting begins
1831 First steam railway in Scotland
1843 Disruption of the Church
1888 Scottish Labour Party established
1890 Opening of the Forth Bridge
1914 World War I
1926 John Logie Baird developed television
1939 World War II
1950 The Stone of Destiny stolen from Westminster
1969 Development of North Sea oil fields
1979 First Referendum on Self-Government
1992 Luxury Scotland established
1997 Scots vote for Devolution
1997 Scots vote for Devolution
2014 Scottish Referendum voted to remain in the UK

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