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About Scotland

Scotland's Arts & Culture

Each generation wants to take the best from the country's traditions and make them new….

Scottish music today melds ancient sounds with contemporary dance rhythms, a fusion of the Scottish and the exotic….

Martin Bennett, Macumba, Paul Mounsey, Shooglenifty, Def Shepherd, Jock Tamson's Bairns, and Capercaillie - from Scots Ballads to Gaelic airs, garage and celtic rock fusion, Brazilian drums and bagpipes….it is all there and it works.

The art scene is dynamic and fuelled by world class art colleges in Dundee, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen….Christine Borland, Calum Colvin, the late John Bellany,  John Byrne and Peter Howson are just a few of the many internationally known Scottish artist of today.

In the last century we had the vibrancy of the Scottish colourists, like Cadell, Fergusson, and Peploe, painters who drew their inspiration from Scotland and her links with France, as our artists have done for centuries through the Auld Alliance.

Visit Scotland's magnificent galleries and see these artists alongside Raeburn and Wilkie and Ramsay from previous centuries - though geographically on the periphery, culturally we have always been at the heart of European art. 

You can find out more about Scotland's Artistic heritage in some of our newsletter articles:

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Edinburgh International Festival may be the most famous cultural event in Scotland, but throughout the year and throughout the country, lovers of the arts will find a thriving cultural and festival scene to explore and enjoy.

Walking festivals in Scotland Christmas & Hogmanay Celebrations in Scotland

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