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Scotland's Food & Drink


The soups: none heartier than Scotch Broth with barley so thick you can stand your spoon up in it…Cockaleekie, that toothsome mell of chicken and leeks and onion…Cullen Skink, the rich bree of cream, potatoes, smoked fish and butter….sheer sensual indulgence.

The entreés: a succulent roast of prime Aberdeen Angus beef, a tender leg of lamb covered in herbs and mint butter, poached salmon from the Tay, Smokies - the speciality smoked haddock - from Arbroath, and don't forget the magnificent haggis, described by Burns as "great chieftain o the puddin race".

The sweets: Athole Brose, all heather honey, double cream and pinhead oatmeal, Sherry Trifle, Syllabubs, Crannachan made from cream and fresh raspberries from Strathmore.

Oatcakes and Dunlop cheese, a slice of Selkirk bannock and afternoon tea, porridge followed by tattie scones and Ayrshire bacon and fresh baps and Dundee marmalade for breakfast……we could go on and on. Stimulate your taste buds with a taste of Scotland. Spoil yourself, for tomorrow you diet…at home.


In the distant past the Picts drank Heather Ale - it came back on the market recently marketed with the Gaelic name for heather Fraoch. The inhabitants of the Highlands were traditionally drinkers of whisky - from Uisge-beatha the Gaelic for the poetic water of life. People in Lowland Scotland mainly drank rich Scotch Ale….different strengths had marvellous names like Tippenny and Swats!

But alongside these native beverages, came the fruit of the vine, especially the red wine of Bordeaux called claret which linked Scotland and France so closely it was called the Bloodstream of the Auld Alliance. At one time Leith bottled claret had tremendous cachet, and there remains a tradition of fine wine drinking that goes back to the links with France. The Scots had influence too in other great vineyards of the world, so while enjoying the cuisine of luxury Scotland, you can indulge in wines like Cockburn's or Graham's Port or Sandeman's and Duff Gordon's sherries, and you are still toasting Scotland.

Scotland's Food

Sightseeing and activities are only two aspects of your holiday in Scotland. Whether it's breakfast, lunch or dinner, Scotland's natural larder and our famous Scottish Hospitality are yours to enjoy.

From wholesome natural dishes to the very best of modern cooking, visitors to the Luxury Scotland properties be assured of the very best in Scottish Cuisine.

Choose from the best of Aberdeen Angus beef, succulent venison, quality lamb, wild salmon and game plus the freshest of seafood. Sample some of Scotland's local delicacies such as Loch Fyne kippers. Arbroath Smokies, Orkney and Islay cheeses as well as traditional home baked scones, oatcakes, shortbreads and bannocks.

As the evening draws to a close why not round off the say with a dram or two of Scotch whisky - in good company.

Scotland's Larder is unique - not only in European terms but internationally. Game and sheep from the moors and glens of the Highlands, cattle fed on the rolling pastures of Ayrshire, grain and vegetables from the fertile farmlands of the Lothians, the fruit baskets of Tayside and Lanark - all benefiting from Scotland's temperate climate.

Add the wonderful fresh seafood and salmon, the crafts of the cheese maker and the skills of the distiller. and we have some of the finest foods available. In the hands of the traditional cook or the growing brigades of innovative, professional chefs these ingredients form fond memories for connoisseurs of fine foods.

Rich sauces, fine flavours, rustic smoked products and an array of textures and colours are just some of the treats in store for the visitor.

Whether it's a hearty breakfast in a country hotel or a welcome lunch amid the bustle of the city the Natural Cooking of Scotland is now a good reason to visit this wonderful country.

Within the world of Luxury Scotland visitors can dine on the best of local produce aboard the Hebridean Princess or savour the freshest of seafood at the Crinan Hotel. Marvel at the innovative signature dishes of One Devonshire Gardens at Hotel du Vin or the wonderful cordon bleu surprises cooking on the Royal Scotsman Train.

Appreciate the traditional and the modern during breakfasts and lunches at the Old Course Hotel St Andrews or savour the many talents of the award winning kitchens of the Sheraton Grand Hotel & Spa. Pamper yourself in the sumptuous luxury of dining at Gleneagles and Inverlochy with the best of game and desserts to match.

Here in Scotland you can sit down to lunch or dinner and choose from menus with the very best Aberdeen Angus beef, succulent grouse, hare, lamb or mutton of the highest quality. The variety of seafood and fish dishes evident in Scottish menus indicates the quality of the harvest produced from the rugged west coast and our lochs and rivers.

Wherever you travel in Scotland the opportunity is always there to sample our local delicacies and traditional foods - Arbroath smokies, Lochfyne kippers, Forfar Bridies, Selkirk bannocks, Orkney cheese, Islay cheese, Galloway cheese, Dundee cake, Clootie Dumpling, toffee and fudge. For a translation try your taste buds!

Wonderful preserves and jams serve to enhance the many types of pancakes and scones, oatcakes and biscuits born from generations of home bakers.

Scotland is famous for its warmth of welcome and its hospitality. Combined with its rich store of fresh foods and culinary skills they provide some of the very best reasons for a visit our land and the properties of Luxury Scotland.

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